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Sunday in my city

Sun shining on my face 

Hand in hand we walk down the painted laneways


Wave to the friendly grocer

Waiting for the green light 

Across the road another new building site


I can’t help but feel 

All around us is changing fast 

A million apartments 

Nothing ever seems to last 

At all...

What happened to the corner store? 

Have we sold our soul 

To people offshore?


The old lady with the trolley

Struggling up the street 

Lined with towers of glass and concrete


Somewhere in the distance

Hear the sound of a wrecking ball 

When it’s all gone will we care at all?


First time in my life 

I finally have found my home 

Where you are my heart lives 

And I won’t ever be alone 

At all... 

Our time here soon must end 

Go and leave this town 

Start all over again....


I don’t want to move on

But as long as I'm with you

We'll find a new place where we can belong

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