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Life is a revolving door for singer-songwriter

MELBOURNE, 12 January 2021 - For many years as a journalist, Salli Edwards wrote about newsworthy subjects: crime, politics, celebrities. Now, she is writing – and singing – from closer to her own heart.

“Relationships, and even human experiences for that matter, are dynamic. They’re never linear,” says Salli. ‘I like songs that peel the layers and approach them from different tangents, as you would a news story. Like a song about a breakup doesn’t have to be the usual ‘I’m so heartbroken’ angle. There are so many ways that emotion can manifest itself. It’s like taking a snapshot of a situation and writing from there."

Salli names among her primary influences singer-songwriters such as Aimee Mann, Liz Phair, Ingrid Michaelson, Suzanne Vega, Sharon van Etten and Beth Orton. “There’s a certain intelligence and depth to their songs, but at the same time a lot of raw emotion. I love how they write with such unabashed passion and honesty. They’re really writing about things that everyone – not just women – can relate to, but more eloquently than the average person.”

Born in Tokyo, Salli has lived in Manila, Canberra, San Francisco and Milan.  Having travelled and moved around her entire life, music was the one constant thing that kept her grounded. She listened to everything from Burt Bacharach and 60s folk and pop, to grunge, electronica and even jazz.

It was while living in San Francisco and performing as one half of the duo High Drama that Salli’s love of writing and music finally converged, propelling her to write her own songs. “We started out doing covers - then I felt a strong need to start writing songs from my own experiences and perspectives.”

Eventually relocating to Australia, she fronted Canberra band Beautiful Lucy’s Room which had a regular turn in the local gig circuit, playing at iconic venues such as the Phoenix Bar and the Lighthouse.  All the while, Salli was continuing to write songs and fill her journal from her travels. Now based in Melbourne, it took the pandemic and months of stay at home restrictions for her to finally record an album.

‘Revolving Doors’ is a collection of songs written over the years as well as the more recent pandemic-inspired ‘Traces’ and ‘Chasing the Sun.’ ‘The album is admittedly - or maybe even deliberately – a grab bag of different musical styles,’ says Salli. ‘I know it makes it hard to describe my music. I always have trouble when people ask me!”

From the ‘90s alternative sound of ‘Falling Deep into the Sea,’ the Santana-like guitar sounds on ‘Kayenta’, the intimate jazz club vibe of ‘Fool Moon’, the Bacharach-esque ‘How Was I Supposed to Know’ and the Portishead-like ‘Damage,’ the album is a musical journey through different genres.  However, the one constant thread throughout is the profound and insightful storytelling that has punctuated her writing style all these years.

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