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2023 ALBUM:
City Life

Salli Edwards’ new album, ‘City Life,’ is a collection of songs inspired by and written from the perspective of living in the city. ‘Apartments’ is a bold statement against rampant over-development in her beloved Melbourne and was a finalist in the international Unsigned Only competition. “The things you experience in the city are unique because of the dynamics of city life, such as how you feel about your surroundings or how relationships start and end,” says Edwards, such as in the tracks ‘Euclid,’ ‘Toronado’ and ‘Hello Again.’ Like her debut album ‘Revolving Doors’ the new album is a melting pot of genres, ranging from alternative rock to folk pop and even jazz, but with an edgier sound replete with gritty and shimmering guitars as can be heard on her latest single ‘Stars and Snowflakes.’ The album also includes a timely tribute to the late Burt Bacharach, whom Edwards counts among her diverse musical influences. 

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Revolving Doors

Salli’s genre-spanning 2021 debut album: “[a] melting pot of her inspirations, exploring everything from ’90s alt rock on the Liz Phair-steeped opener, ‘Falling Deep into the Sea,’ to the trip hop feel of ‘Damage’ and the buoyant 'Anticipation.’” — Beat Magazine

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