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MELBOURNE (June 2023) – Salli Edwards’ latest album ‘City Life’ is a collection of songs inspired by living in the city.


The song “Apartments,” which was a finalist in the international Unsigned Only Competition, was written as a bold statement against rampant over-development threatening the character and heritage of her beloved Melbourne.


The Filipino-Australian singer songwriter has lived most of her life in bustling cities. Born in Tokyo and having lived in Manila, San Francisco and Melbourne, as well as spending time in Milan, she says ‘City Life’ explores relationships and life experiences through the urban lens.


“The things you experience in the city might look a bit different because of the dynamics of city life, such as how you feel about your surroundings or how relationships start and end,” says Edwards, such as in the tracks ‘Euclid’, ‘Toronado’ and ‘Hello Again.’


The album also includes the powerful and inspiring opening track ‘For All the People’ which Edwards wrote one morning after watching the world news late into the evening.


“It really is an anthem for all the people out there who feel they are struggling with injustice or just with day to day living.”  US-based music critic and multi-instrumentalist Steven Azami described it as “a tremendous track that has the ability to enlighten and inspire audiences. It explores the themes of perseverance in the face of adversity and does so in effervescent and ebullient fashion.”


‘City Life’ is a slight departure from Edwards’ debut album ‘Revolving Doors,’ released during lockdown and included the pandemic-inspired ‘Traces’ which established her unique indie folk pop sound. Her sophomore release has an edgier sound replete with gritty and shimmering guitars, delving into her shoegaze and alternative rock influences, such as in ‘My First Morning Without You’ and her latest single, ‘Stars and Snowflakes.’  Like ‘Revolving Doors,’ the new album is a melting pot of musical genres, evident in the jazz-infused ‘Toronado’ and the folky ‘Golden Days’ to ‘My Own Way’ which could easily belong in a Burt Bacharach songbook. (Fittingly, the album includes a cover as a tribute to the late legendary songwriter, whom Edwards credits among her diverse musical influences.)


Since releasing ‘Apartments,’ Edwards has moved from the inner city to a quiet seaside haven. “The song was really reflecting on moving on from the city. Maybe my next album will be about life in a small town! But having lived in cities all my life, I will always have a soft spot for the city. And this new album is a testament to that.”

‘City Life’ is available on all streaming and digital platforms and

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